How to Save on Moving Costs

Keep your expenses and stress low when moving to a new home.

Here are five methods you can use in advance of your big move to save a lot of money on moving:

  1. Move during the off-season
  2. Toss, donate or sell unneeded belongings
  3. Rent a moving truck
  4. Consider a moving container
  5. Find your own packing supplies

Read on for additional information about each cost-cutting strategy.

Move during the off-season

Plan an out-of-season move, ideally between October&April. During the late spring, summer and early fall, moving companies keep their prices high because their services&products are in demand. Outside of those seasons, however, demand falls, somany moving services drop their prices in an effort to drumup business.

Toss, donate or sell unneeded belongings

Downsize your possessions in months leading upto the move. If you’re hiring a moving service, one of big costs is hourly expense of  movers. You’ll be charged for eachhour of their time. Even if you’re not hiring a moving service,longer you keep the rental truck or rental container, more you’ll have to pay.

Rent a moving truck

Do moving yourself with a moving truck. If you have more items than will easily fit-in your vehicle, consider renting a moving truck ratherthan paying for a moving service. You and a group of friends will have to load and unload vehicle yourself, but the cost of renting a moving truck alone is far less expensiveThan paying for full moving service.

Consider a moving container

What if you want a larger-time window to load&unload, such as a situation where you’re doing all of the moving without much help? A moving container might be a good idea.

With a moving container, a company simply parks a large container in your driveway, and you fill it at your own pace. When you’re ready, you contact to container company, and service moves it to your newhome where you unload it at your-convenience, calling them to take away empty container when you’re done.

Find your own packing supplies

For the sake of convenience, it can be tempting to buy moving supplies such as boxes&packing tape from the moving company. Don’t.